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Montgomery Central Appraisal District has released their employee salaries for 2015  via Texas Public Information Act request.

Response time : TPIA request sent 06:19 PM Sept 14th. Response received 11:06 AM  Sept 15th.

Download excel file here


Position Name 2015
Chief Appraiser Castleschouldt, Mark 150,000
Deputy Chief Appr. Belinoski, Tony 105,000
Director-Acconting/Administration Laake, Gerald 97,000
Director-Appraisal Mark Allen 81,000
Director-GIS/Mapping Miller, Patricia 81,000
Director-Appraisal Support Kirk, Georgia 79,600
Litigation/ Appraisal Specalist McLaughlin, Russell 73,650
Residential-Supervisor Kurzey, Lisa 72,500
Information Systems Administrator Richmond, Reggie 70,420
Accountant Chatman, Gary 70,000
Commercial-Supervisor Sorenson, Paul 66,250
Personal Prop-Supervisor Clark, Bill 60,850
Ag/Timber-Senior Appraiser Parker, Brad 60,250
Appraisal Supt-Senior Appraiser Harris, Ginger 56,500
Senior Appraiser (4) Matthew, Rajan 54,100
Personal Prop-Senior Appraiser Allen, Donnalee 54,100
Commercial-Appaiser Schiel, Matthew 52,600
Commercial Appraiser Galaviz, George 52,600
Litigation/ Appraisal Specalist Flowers Jesse 52,310
Senior Sales Analyist (4) Butler, Ernest 52,250
GIS-Senior Technician Gilstrap, Susan 52,250
ADP Operator Reed, Cate 50,750
Appraisal Supt-Senior Appraiser Martin, Aimee 49,190
Appraisal Supt-Senior Appraiser Metts, Rick 49,190
Administrative Assistant Jaclyn Smith 49,030
Sales Analyist Comeaux, Sherry 49,000
Personal Prop-Senior Appraiser (4) Thompson, Joe 47,100
Commercial-Appaiser Henderson, Randall 47,000
Senior Land Appraiser (4) Davis, Jobey 47,000
IT Tech Schafer, Willie 45,000
Sales Analyist Clark, Melissa 45,000
Exemptions Appraiser Larson, Becky 45,000
Senior Appraiser lll (4) Martinez, Jake 43,700
ARB Coordinator Jackson, Karan 43,620
Field-Appraiser l (3) Meeks, Roriser “Ro” 43,500
Field Appraiser lI (4) Robinson, Michael 43,500
Personal Prop Appraiser I (4) Davis, Connie 43,310
Field-Appraiser lll   (4) McGown, Joe 41,500
Land Appraiser Beckmeyer, Sherri 41,200
GIS-Technician Adams, Clayton 41,200
Field Appraiser lll (4) Harding, Tracy 40,200
Property Trans-Senior Specialist Jones, Pam 40,180
Field-Appraiser ll (3) Attachatee, Craig 40,000
Field-Appraiser lll (4) Lackey, Tim 40,000
Land Appraiser Sherrod, Dale Ann 39,975
Administration Secretary Hoffman, Janet 37,750
Property Transaction-Specialist Schoppa, Renate 37,310
Receptionist McCurry, Patricia 37,100
Field-Appraiser ll (4) Granados, Wilfredo 37,000
Personal Prop Appraiser I (4) York, Scott 37,000
Mapping Technician Shafer, Anita 36,500
Field-Appraiser ll (3) Turo, Rachel 36,250
GIS-Technician Cook, Rodney 36,050
Mapping Technician Edmonson, Adam 36,050
Personal Prop-Specialist Garris, Sue 35,900
Field-Appraiser l (3) Treille, Jessica 35,000
Appraisal Supt-Specialist Tims, Agnes 34,600
Property Transaction-Specialist Lowery, Jason 34,500
Appraisal Supt-Specialist Austin, Dana 34,300
Exemptions-Specialist Walker, Brenda 34,000
Property Transaction-Specialist Klahn, Noah 34,000
Appraisal Supt-Specialist Pena, Diane 33,500
Property Transaction-Specialist Canady, Amanda 32,960
Exemptions-Specialist Honshell, Rhonda 32,450
Field-Appraiser ll (2) Bayler,Amanda 32,000
Appraisal Supt-Specialist Innerarity, Jamie 31,650
Appraisal Supt-Specialist Searles, Linda 31,275
Field-Appraiser Trainee Ward, James 31,000
Field-Appraiser Trainee Frazier, Cydni 31,000
Field-Appraiser Trainee Miller, Josh 31,000
Mapping Technician Boger, Patricia 30,900
Analyst/Clerk Turner, Janet 30,865
Property Transaction-Specialist Diaz, Cryastal 29,870
Appraisal Supt-Specialist Beck, Dixie 29,450
Appraisal Supt- Specialist Allen, Susana 29,375
Appraisal Supt-Specialist Bogue, Virge 29,350
Appraisal Supt-Specialist Rodriguez, Roxanne 28,850
Mapping Technician Granger, Terry 28,840
Mapping Technician Williamson, Christi 28,840
Appraisal Supt-Specialist Tullos, D’Ana 28,360
Appraisal Supt-Specialist Johnston, Erin 28,360
Appraisal Supt-Specialist Luna, Rosemary 27,500
Exemptions-Specialist Golding, Madison 27,500
Commercial Appraiser new hire 2 months 8,330
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  1. I’m embarrassed to claim my native Texan heritage! MCAD is stealing from those who have worked hard to afford a nice home by dramatically inflating the home values. I’m leaving this state as soon as possible. The thought of contributing any more hard earned money to this county makes me SICK!!!! You go Amiee with your pay for your work as I see its I’m the neighborhood of $49K. My household makes five times your salary and yet somehow you are qualified to appraise our house? Do you even have a clue what a house over $600,000 looks like? Apparently not, because the appraisal suggests it’s worth $814,000. Do we live in NY or LA?? No house comparable in our neighborhood suggests this CRAZY appreciation. Maybe, if you are lucky, one day you can grace the opulence and see for your self what separates $600k from $814k. A girl can dream right and good luck with that! Joke

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