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No to Randy Councill on the LSGCD

No to Randy Councill


Montgomery County Commissioners Court is preparing to interview seven nominees to the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District ( LSGCD) to fill two county appointed seats. A newspaper report states “Seven names were proposed Tuesday at Commissioners Court. They include Randy Council, Jill Savory, Jack Curtsinger, Dane Cantwell, Robert Secrest, Mike Winkler and former Conroe Mayor Webb Melder.”


As people do, we all become obligated in the many diverse relationships in the community. They can be political, religious, financial or fraternal or a combination of these and more. There are people in this county who give fealty to more subterranean complex overlapping and conflicting obligations.  Some of these more unsavory connections in the community have been brought to light recently in the commissioner’s court


Shedding light on a little know connection to a very unpopular government entity by a current nominee to the LSGCD that is the objective of this short message.


Randy Councill has a direct link to two notorious organizations, namely The Woodlands Development Company (WDC) and its spawn The Woodlands Road Utility District No. 1. ( RUD)



Woodlands Township Chairman Gordy Bunch and Honorable Rep. Steve Toth, each very popular community leaders have vigorously denounced the RUD as alternately “taxation without representation” and “Hyper gerrymandering” and have correctly asserted who it is that pays the tax for such a government operation. None other than the disenfranchised business owners and 100,000 strong populations of the Woodlands and beyond.


Both Bunch and Toth have not hesitated to castigate a third person, former Township Director and developer crony Mike Bass for siding with developer interests and the crony controlled RUD in promoting the Woodlands parkway Extension over the wishes of taxpayers.


What’s Up  With That?


If cronyism of Mike Bass and Developer interests are justification to denounce the RUD and its unconstitutional operation then how are we to judge people who take the seminal role in foisting such a grotesque entity on others and then up and leave?


A description of in-house voters with fealty to the Woodlands Development Company was offered by a former employee famed PR genius and Bunch campaign manager Paul Lazarro quoted in the press this way.


For the Woodlands Development Company in the late 1990s and early 2000s, there were four residents “with four houses in the middle of a bunch of trees,” said Paul Lazarro, who spent a decade as the development company’s vice president of marketing and public affairs. “They were the voters. I do not know if the rent was free or cheap, but the ulterior motive was, obviously, they would vote for the district.” )


Randy Councill as Developer Voter


How are we to judge people, in this case Randy Councill and wife Janet Councill who along with Nancy Primeax

Took it upon themselves to do the following? –


  • Register to vote at 9706 Grogans Mill Road a property inside the RUD owned by WDC.
  • Act as election judges for the RUD confirmation election of Jan 1992.
  • Vote to approve Bonds for the RUD.
  • Vote to approve Taxes for the non-voting taxpayers of the RUD


The Councill Residence. 9700 block of Grogans Mill. The Developer houses in the RUD have long ago been bulldozed. The land de-annexed and now occupied by many voters who are NOT in the RUD.

As a victim of the RUD and crony powers who engineered the unjust prosecution of the 2010 RUD voters I was interested to know Councills’ perspective and learn anything from him firsthand that might help us in our case, placing a call to his house his wife Janet declined to comment referring me to her husband. I placed several fruitless calls. He never returned my call.


Should a man who consented to vote in favor of a developers wishes for unknown consideration, and who is willing to approve permanent encumbrances on others property which he and his wife will never have to pay themselves be trusted to represent the county on crucial water issues on the LSGCD?


I urge you all to consider these things carefully to answer that question and press the commissioners to look elsewhere among the candidates for a more fitting representative.


  1. Jean Jean January 29, 2017

    YES! I know who Randy Councill is and he is the best person suited for this board. For you to say anything different tells me you want this carnage to continue. What happened here was in 1983 — 34 years go. Did you know what special purpose districts were then? I didn’t. In fact I worked for a water company in 1988 off of 1960. My husband and I were newly married and weren’t sure if we were going to build or buy or where exactly we wanted to live. We wanted out of an apartment. The water company I worked for said there was a district who had home for rent that were decent with garden tubs — the works! When we looked it was clear they were glorified trailers and I couldn’t do it. That said, I had no knowledge of the intent and speak from my own personal experience that Randy did not know as a water plant operator what was going on. I am sorry that you have had difficulties in your life but to attack a man who has done nothing but support the conservative grass roots movement is just stupid I suggest you do some research on Mr. Councill and see who he really is.

    • A.D. Heath A.D. Heath January 29, 2017

      Jean – thanks to your water plant operator we have an uncontrollable government agency. I would reject him for that reason alone regardless of if I am going to prison or not. However, you have added an important insight. thank you.

    • A.D. Heath A.D. Heath January 29, 2017

      Jean,what you have written indicates Council was an innocent party, an employee unfairly pressured to give his vote to save his job. If that is the case please encourage him to speak to that publicly for all our good.If he his a good man he will do that. Also, it was 1991, 25 years ago not 34. and yes I was here then.

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