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Pastor Dale Inman Joins CISD


What a refreshing thing to have conservative Dale Inman represent us on the Conroe ISD Board of Trustees.

Inman glided to victory in a four way race besting establishment favorite Wagaman with 37% of the votes or 22,000/59.000.

Its been a while since we had anyone take up for taxpayers and even suggesting that “It seems the taxpayer is never in the consideration for decisions by the school board”.  And according an interview by  The Golden Hammer, “The private sector has been doing more with less for 40 years. That’s because the public sector keeps demanding more and more.”

Well, we probably all have mixed feelings for Pastor Dale Inman, first he’s about to be the lone conservative NON-ESTABLISHMENT  NON-CRONY on the Board, second, he’s about to be the lone conservative NON-ESTABLISHMENT  NON-CRONY on the Board.

We’ve been here before. Back in 2008 North Houston Tea Party Founder Chris Irish defeated establishment favorite and Friend of Spend Joe Michels winning 40% of the vote or 19,000/49,000.

Then the fun began.

Its worth remembering the  moves Irish made how he was squelched.

To say he found resistance among the Staff and Board is an understatement. His profile on the CISD web is an example. While service and affiliations are proudly lauded for the members they just could not bring themselves to mention Irish’s TEA PARTY affiliation, instead announcing Chris ~”serves as the co-founder for a political public awareness group for Montgomery County.”

Irish stood out in one legendary exchange.

However, after a response to his questions was presented by CISD Chief Financial Officer Dan Cox, Irish was not satisfied with how the district handled the process and said he believes the district should bid out those projects.

Other board members disagreed.

“This board has taken a lot of time over the years to hire the very best people in their position, and I don’t appreciate you trying to challenge them … and question (their) role in this district,” trustee Gerald Irons said.

Trustee John Husbands claimed Irish questioned the integrity of district employees, including Cox, Superintendent Don Stockton and Bobby Burns, CISD director of facilities and maintenance operations, in front of him.

“I don’t appreciate it and I’ll put it at that,” Husbands said.

Trustee Lynda Sasser said the board hires the superintendent to put the appropriate people in their position to do their job and it is not the board’s role to micromanage the district.

However, Irish disagreed with his fellow trustees on the board’s duties.

“I think our job is to protect the taxpayer and ask the hard questions,” Irish said. “I’m not going to change from that belief.”

Irish opposed new construction, while CISD had hundred of  Millions  in bond approvals Irish worked to cut back on construction spending based on his understanding of future demographic changes in CISD.

Trustees approved $168,719.50 to install ceiling-mounted projectors at Ford, Glen Loch, Hailey and Rice elementary schools, Washington Junior High and Wilkerson Intermediate. Irish opposed the vote.

Irish called for restraint in an array of spending, salary increases to the chagrin of others on the Board. In one case an emotional appeal for lighting of tennis Courts  was addressed by a divided board. Irish wanted the cost to come out of the current funds balance ( we might call it their slush fund) rather than out of bonds proceeds so avoid further debt service.


The most agregeous spending abuse that Irish uncovered and encountered the most resistance for was the case of the $50 Million dollar HVAC contract awarded without a bid to a sole source. This came about because staff had developed / adopted system specifications that ruled out conventional competing systems to the one favored by staff including Superintendent Don Stockton. The specification were so restrictive that even CARRIER that pioneered modern  air conditioning technology could not participate. As a result the $50 M contract was awarded without a bid.


Irish, tipped of by a whistle blower began his own investigation. The board was incensed. So much so “Trustees approved revisions to the board Rules of Conduct. There are now 17 rules, including: “board members will not conduct investigations on their own of complaints by citizens, including students, parents and employees …” and “individual board members shall not directly communicate with vendors or bidders to the district regarding any school business without the express prior authorization of the board.”



Irish did receive community support while in office, as mention, he was a co-founder of the Original Tea Party here along with Kevin Williams, Tyler Russel, Betty Anderson, Bob Bagley and so many more. However,it was Eagle Forum leadership Betty Anderson and Bob Bagley who rallied  a score of members who regularly attended CISD board meetings for in support of Irish a period of time.


When Dale Inman assumes his seat on the Trustees Board he will be up against committed establishment figures who readily serve as a rubber stamp for the bureaucracy.  The above examples are cautionary but also serve as a great place to begin reforms. Dale will certainly need our prayers and visible support.

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