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Houston, January 26

Renown defender of Righteousness and Liberty, Houston Radio personality James “Doc” Greene know for his liberty minded broadcast on Raging Elephants Radion and American Voice Radio was arrested today by Houston Police when Greene attempted to attend and counter protest the scheduled DRAG QUEEN STORY TIME at the Elenor K Freed branch of Houston Library.

Doc had been rallying troops to attend the the library event where Male in Drag Queen regarlia read storys to children. Doc decried lack of interest among the Chriatian community on the issue saying ” there are 33,000 churches in Houston and we will be lucky of even 33 peaple show up to protest”.

Today Doc posted a brief video on Facebook leading up to his arrest, he is heard is challenging a HPD office for ” denying his access to the library as a “member of the media”. The office states , you are going to be arrested for not leaving the premises, and “youve been requested to leave ; OK. Doc, showing apparent calm in the confrontation turnes to the group of officers and decalres, You are breaking the law, all of you” for denying him access to the public library. The video end with Greene being placed in handcuffs.

Today I was arrested for being a white Christian, you may think you have freedom in this country because of the constitution but I can assure you that the constitution is no longer in force. the librarian at the Freed PUBLIC library had me arrested simply because she does not like having a Christian man in the library. They charged me with trespassing. I expect to get out of the hospital later today, this cannot stand, we must fight back.

Later Greene posted to facebook ~
I may have had a heart attack, I’m currently in the hospital getting checked out .

Scores of Doc’s friends responded in shock to the news of the arrest via Doc’s facebook, among them Julie White McCarty ~
The wrong people are getting arrested. Doc James Greene Sr. was protesting the tranny reading hour at a Houston public library. Library called cops. Doc Greene asked them to show him what statute he was breaking. Apparently during the arrest he had a heart attack. Please encourage him and pray for him. Taking a big one for the team. If we don’t push back they get away with it…both the tranny hour and imposing on our rights. What are you doing to fight? When Fred and I first became activists Richard Viguerie advised us, “Get arrested so you learn you don’t have to be afraid of it.” Proud of you, Doc! 33,000 churches in Houston and Doc could only find a handful of protesters.

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