The Homeless – a Solution

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By Daniel New.

“The Homeless” in America are a manufactured problem.  It has been created by the Welfare State, and is nothing less than the fruit of Socialism.  For half a century, Americans have been able to walk into a government office and plead poverty and start receiving benefit cheques.  There is a whole menu of programs, from welfare to unemployment to housing to food to medicine, etc.  I will lump them all together in “Welfare” and save us both some time.

When you stop and think about it, if a person is on welfare, or unemployment, or depends upon any other government check in any way, they are homeless, but are living in shelter provided them by the State – whether directly or indirectly.  So the “homeless problem” is much, much larger than those people lounging on the sidewalks and panhandling our streets and living in tent cities.

Two anti-American socialist (communist) professors, way back in 1966, came up with a plan to bring this country to its knees, economically – to totally bankrupt the public welfare system by overloading it with programs and expenses.  They wanted to “precipitate a crisis,” which they claimed would force America offer a guaranteed annual income to all Americans.1  We have arrived at the breaking point. 

In fact, the only thing that has postponed our collapse is the fact that the US government is printing money day and night, with absolutely nothing to back it except “the good faith and credit of the United States government.”  Our entire economy is built upon a promise to pay.  But with what shall we pay?  We are bankrupt, and our gold reserves won’t touch our national debt.  The only thing we can promise is our future ability to earn, or our natural resources yet untapped.  Rest assured, the globalist banksters are looking forward to taking that as well.
In the meantime, the Homeless are precipitating a crisis in all major cities.  In San Francisco, instead of dealing with the crisis, they have passed city ordinance nullifying laws against defecating on the streets!  The Democrats actually salivate over this problem – they LOVE to have the dispossessed and huddling masses lined up to receive government benefits.  They know they can count on those people to keep on voting “money from the rich to the poor.”  This is not a war on poverty at all – it is a war on the rich – the productive element of society.  It is nothing short of Karl Marx’s program to take from the rich and give to the poor. 

There was a time when every county in America had what was loosely referred to as, “The Poor Farm.”  Usually situated on the edge of town, or even in the country, these institutions took care of people who were either admitted, or sometimes remanded by the courts, to these homes.  They were institution of charity, but they ran on principles somewhat foreign to the concept today. 

Once admitted, you got a physical examination immediately, and if you were capable of working, you were given an assignment and you worked.  It may have been kitchen duty, or maybe yard maintenance, or perhaps working in large gardens they kept to keep food costs low.  Those who could do so were allowed to keep their dignity by working around the place. 

Today we would have to add security to the place, and probably high fencing around these farms, even if they are 20 to 50 acres in size.  Counseling should be available to see if some people need placing in a mental institution.  Others might be salvageable, and efforts should be made to return them to their families, where possible.

Objections to this idea, because of cost, are nonsensical.  Take the money we’re currently giving people to spend on alcohol and drugs, and apply it to the common sense solution of Poor Farms.  In addition, the financial burden on a community where these vagrants abound is enormous.  When a person is picked up for vagrancy, they would be send to the Poor Farm for evaluation.  In the presence of a magistrate, perhaps the Justice of the Peace, it would be explained to them that they have three choices:

  1. Go to the Poor Farm, where you will be cared for;
  2. Go to jail until extradited “home” or to a relative;
  3. Get out of the county right now. 

I recognize that many Homeless cherish their “freedom” and will fight before they go to an institution.  That is their decision – but they cannot continue to panhandle and defecate on our city streets.  Once adjudicated, their income stops and their presence is to be regarded as a public nuisance, and they should be removed from the streets for a plethora of reasons. 

Subsidizing people for past sixty years has not worked.  We have enabled them to live in open rebellion to society and to their parents and to their spouses, and to the norms of society – a social experiment which, to put it politely, has failed miserably.  It’s time to end the stupidity and start applying common sense to the problem.  This approach stops starvation on the streets; stops infectious diseases from spreading rampantly in tent cities; stops panhandling on the streets; stops the crime wave and reduces the drug use significantly.  (One may even argue for supplying drugs to addicts in a safe, clean environment, but that should require a different location, if adopted.)

So here’s the New Common Sense Program:

  1. If you receive any kind of benefit from the government, which you did not earn, then you forfeit your right to vote until such time as you can take care of yourself again.
  2.  If you insist on staying in our county, you will either go to the Poor Farm, or you will go to jail.
  3. You are not being imprisoned.  If mentally competent, you may be out-processed to another county, including going to live with family or friends.  If you find a job, you may go to it and work, and hopefully get back on your feet.
  4. All tent cities will be razed and the tents put to use on the border to house illegal immigrants. 

1 Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, of Columbia University School of Social Work, 1966.

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