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Just discovered this From the Houston Chronicle last month.

One of those damned if you do and damned if you don’t stories.

Well To Do tree huggers in Grogans Point decry the culling of coyotes, after you read the story check out google results here for the threat of coyotes to children and pets

Perhaps the coyote lovers should give Lindy Chamberlain a call.

From the Chron…

“For years, Edward and Linda Estrada could hear coyotes howling into the night from their backyard in The Woodlands.

But it’s now oddly quiet among the gnarled oaks and tall pines, and they are finding no comfort in the silence. That’s because they and neighbors fear the coyotes have been wiped out by trappers hired by Montgomery County in response to a resident’s complaints about missing cats.

“There are still all kinds of animals back there, and I love seeing them,” said Linda Estrada, whose unfenced property fades into the wilderness along Spring Creek. “But the coyotes are just gone.”

The aggressive sweep, which county officials said involved trapping 16 coyotes, has roiled a wealthy enclave with street names like Tranquil Path and Pastoral Pond. While some residents want authorities to wage battle against the wily predators that stray into the neighborhood, others are pushing for a coyote-friendly approach that trains people how to avoid confrontations.

Similar conflicts have flared across Greater Houston and the country as people move into once-open spaces. In a Woodlands neighborhood called Grogan’s Point, deer dash across streets, while hawks wheel overhead and two alligators sun themselves beside the golf course’s ponds.

Just south of Grogan’s Point, across the looping Spring Creek and a nature preserve, is Exxon Mobil’s sprawling new campus for at least 10,000 workers.

A few of them have moved into the neighborhood, which has doubled in size to roughly 500 homes since the Estradas arrived in the mid-1990s.

Many of the houses, including NFL star Adrian Peterson’s 10-acre estate, are valued in the millions.”



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