MCTP releases consolidated voter guide.

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From MCTP The comparison Voter Guide, for all political races that impact Montgomery County. The primary election will be March 1st, with Early Voting commencing on Tuesday, February 16th.  Check at the following link for early voting locations or other … Continued


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The true rulers of this county , i.e. the developers, realtors, engineering firms and other special interests have apparently decided  if you don’t want your parkway extension you are going to have it anyway!   Gordy Bunch is back on … Continued

The Destruction of America

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Guest Columnist Lt. Colonel (Retired) André Dean In seven short years, President Obama, cheerleading the enamored Democrat party, and the trembling Republicans, has succeeded in his October 30, 2008 campaign exclamation shouted to the nation: “We are five days away … Continued