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The RUD illegal voting case overturned for retrial was appealed by Ken Paxton to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

February 4, 2016

Oral argument was heard yesterday morning in Austin with George Seacrest of Houston representing Jenkins and Jon Meador for the State.

Argument ran for 50 minutes with lively questioning of both sides by the Six Judge panel.

At a key point of questioning regarding the issue of mistake of law Attorney Seacrest characterized Montgomery County First Assistant District Attorney Phil Grant who’s initiation of the RUD illegal voting investigation led to indictment of Jenkins as a persecutor who was “pigeonholed” by the Woodlands Road Utility District special interests.  A point the State did not contest.

Also mentioned was testimony  given at trial by Judge Candidate Eric Yollick but withheld from the jury.

Hear the oral argument below.

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