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Freshman State Representative Valoree Swanson has introduced a bill to abolish property tax in Texas. In other words put an end to the on going destruction by the state of the inheritance you are meant to pass on to your children ( Proverbs 13:22) . Save your homestead.





According to Swanson –

This bill will repeal property taxes in Texas, also known as ad valorem taxes, on January 1, 2022. This legislation will grant a reasonable period of five years, including two future legislative sessions, for the State Legislature to pass a comprehensive replacement for the property tax.

Way to go Valoree Swanson.

Representative Swanson, I hope you read this and pass around the links below to impress on people that HB 1050  is not just a thrilling idea to excite the grovelling masses across Texas but it is completely viable. Its been done before and it works back home in my home state of WA.  Not that WA,  I mean Western Australia, where we call it double youay.

In WA,  you primary residence is not subject to the Land Tax. You can hear how it works on the video below and then click through to the handy WA land tax calculator to see for yourself what is possible in Texas.

Get ready for the euphoria.

And yes other taxes are collected to run the stuff but you dont lose your home to the merciless destructive power of the state.

Check it out, Get excited and then tell your Rep to support HB 1050.

Link to Calculator


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