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Montgomery County 3:PM Today

The Gregory Parker Campaign released the following comments to County Citizen regarding the attack website
The political disclaimer on  site has been recently updated to read
To which Parker’s only comment was, “Well that says it all.”

Parker Campaign Statement

Candidate for Commissioner Precinct #2 Gregory Parker


It was my hope that this election would be about experience and qualification. Yet, on cue, my opponent, the former president of the fake tea party and supporter of the woodlands parkway extension, shows his true colors. Instead of talking about how he has experience and qualifications to be a commissioner, which he literally has none, he would rather create hit websites filled with misinformation and exaggerations to disparaged my record. I have cast hundreds of votes, and to take 3 or 4 votes out of context clearly displays a lack of substance by my opponent, and is emblematic of desperation.
I am proud of the work I did as Comal County Commissioner and my strong support for law enforcement.
Constable Shane Rapp stated
“Thank you for your service to the United States and thank you even more for your service to Comal County. You were a great steward to those who placed trust and faith in you. Honesty, Integrity, Common Sense and Conservative values! You are truly missed!”
My former employee Robert J. Grazioli, retired Chief Master Sergeant, United States Air Force, and retired Human Resources Director, Comal County, Texas, stated
“Greg will make a good Commissioner, and he is a conservative all the way…I think his time as Commissioner at Comal and his stints as a City Manager will help him be the best choice. He doesn’t sugar coat things and he is very cost conscious in all areas. He’s not afraid of tackling the big and uncomfortable issues and doesn’t mind being the lone voice of reason. If he had stayed in New Braunfels, I believe he’d still be a Commissioner there!”
I trust that voters are more than capable of doing their own research on my record, and asking me questions, rather than taking advice from my opponents paid campaign ad. With that said, I will not engage in gutter politics, because both candidates just get muddy. No thanks! I believe we deserve better. We deserve a Commissioner that has actual experience in mobility planning, that has actual experience fighting toll roads, that has actual experience in emergency management, that has actual experience cutting taxes and controlling spending. Precinct 2 is facing serious issues and now is not the time for another Doyal, Davenport amateur as commissioner.
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