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Yesterday we reported the discovery of a political attack site gregoryparker.net directed at Candidate for  Montgomery County Commissioner Pct #2 Gregory Parker.  Although the site registration was kept private meta information on the site suggested some connection with a competing candidate for the same seat, that of Brian Dawson.

last night we questioned  Brian Dawson about his involvement with the site.

County Citizen can now report that the Dawson Campaign has taken full responsibility for the site.

Brian Dawson

Dawson claims that the site was a placeholder for ongoing opposition research and was not intended to be published, at least in its present form. When questioned by telephone who is campaign manager  or who was responsible for initiating the publication Dawson admitted the publication of the site as a “mistake”, but refused to pass  blame on other members of the campaign.  “Its my campaign and I own it. If you make a mistake you accept it and i’ll do my part to make it right, thats the way its got to be.”

Its unusual these days for political candidates to take responsibity for their blunders, we commend Dawson for the courage to do what many others may have found too humiliating or embarasssing.

Never the less, Dawson remains adamant that “it does not change the facts” presented in the site against the target , Gregory Parker . “He’s a tax and spend republican.” and “What he says does not match his voting record.”

Dawson emphasises that Parker, who was formerly a Comal County Commissioner ” Hides his record and misleads Monrtgomery County” ( voters).

Dawson’s points to specific examples, some included in the content of the site which he says is only a fraction of the information accumulated. He alleges,

  • Parker spoke in support of increasing gas taxes at a recentTXDOT hearing.
    Gregory Parker
  • history of voting to increase spending and taxes in Comal County
  • tax reductions Parker voted on were negligible  less than .003 cents
  • disputed a tax roll back petition


We quizzed Dawson on the disclaimer posted on the footer of the one page gregoryparker.net that states “POLITICAL ADVERTISING DISCLAIMER NOT NECESSARY. LESS THAN $500 WAS SPENT.”

“That just goes to prove the site was never supposed to be published.” according to Dawson who said the future of the site is “to be decided”.

This commissioners race is just getting started and already shows signs of being lively and interesting.

Stay tuned for rebuttal from the Parker Campaign.

We wish both candidates well in their mission to unseat the embattled incumbent Commissioner Charlie Riley who has his own set of challenges ahead.


  1. Denise Nobs

    How could he not claim responsibility? The writing was literally on the wall. No honor in that. He couldn’t deny it.

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