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Montgomery County Hospital District is a great example of a special district that has outlived its original charter.

MCHD is a Hospital District without a hospital but it lives on to grow its bureaucracy and operate its approximately 35 ambulances and keep its bank account awash with taxpayer cash. Its an organization that pays its CEO an obscene amount to manage its functions.

A few years back I looked into GLASSDOOR reviews to see what comments, good or bad were left by employees and reminded of that today reviewed comments for MCHD.  It seem the CEO is not the only one who is fat and happy.

What follows is a round up, an amalgamation of the anonymous comments dating between 2013-2017 found there.



  • Company now offers 200% towards retirement
  • great pay
    plenty of over time
  • Pay is one of the highest in the U.S.
  • Employees are wonderful and most Managers are as well.
  • Great pay compared to other EMS agencies
  • Good benefits and recruiting staff
  • The field employees are great, the pay is good
  • this company used to be a very flexible and trusting of its employees
  • Pay was one of the highest in the area
    Day-one health insurance
  • 24 hr shifts, poor employee relationship with administration
  • Payscale even though it was just redone
  • The management is like a revolving door.
  • The Board is oblivious to what really goes on with the upper management.
  • Treat them ( employees) like your teammates not your burdens.
  • To theBoard, open your eyes and stop covering up for incompetent upper management.
  • New Executive team is desperately needed!
  • Executives are terrible and don’t care about employees!
  • They treat employees like they are beneath them and talk bad about everyone even the board of directors.

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