Yes, Virginia, There Is a Deep State and It's Feeding the Anti-POTUS Mob

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Deep State and It’s Feeding the Anti-POTUS Mob

The prepared statement of the latest UkraineGate whistle-blower is well worth the read. It tells you all you need to know about why the Deep State apparatchiks are coming out of the woodwork in a massive assault on America’s duly elected president. They are deathly afraid Trump will begin to dismantle a far-flung Empire which has wreaked havoc around the world, bled America’s fiscal accounts dry, and fostered unspeakable prosperity among the beltway’s legions of empire-supporting agencies, contractors, think tanks, foreign lobbies, NGO’s and K-street racketeers. Whether out of common sense, naiveté or just contrariness, the Donald has dared […]

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