Laukien’s Noisy Tenant

Was Billionaire Businessman Driven from His Official Residence by his own Noisy Tenant? Dirk Laukien is  Noise Complainant Groups Closest Neighbor Villager Editor Jeff Forward reported that “more than a dozen” Woodlands residents voiced complaints with The Woodlands Township Development Standards Committee of “nearly 24-hour excessively loud noises from a series of large HVAC units” installed at the property located at 2600 Technology Forest Drive. The property, located south of Research Forest Drive and East of New Trails Drive lies a mere 700 feet from the Woodlands Township offices. The …

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Black Murders Matter

BLACKS MURDERING BLACKS A site member posted a link to the following video. The speaker is Michael Smith. It is a TEDx talk: “not ready for primetime TED.” This video is an impressive talk. Once the speaker got into the talk, which I’m sure he has given many times, he really rolled along. It is worth watching from the point of view of analyzing effective rhetoric. But his logic is always there to support his rhetoric. Black Murders Matter One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto …

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Why Gilligan’s Island May be the Answer to Police Brutality

I retired from the NYPD and moved to Florida like many NYC policemen and firemen do- there is no state income tax here and it doesn’t snow. I decided I needed a job so I worked for a local Sheriff’s office for three years. Policemen always have their hands full when they deal with emotionally disturbed persons (EDP’s in NYPD parlance). It was no different in south Florida. While working in Florida I had seen many incidents where an EDP was wrestled into handcuffs, pepper sprayed, or even shot with …

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More Police State Surveillance: Courtesy of the Pentagon ~ but its to keep you safe right?

Reprinted with permission Jeremiah Johnson May 22nd, 2018 There was an article by Joseph Marks of Nextgov published on 5/16/18 that was neither picked up by the larger news networks nor kept in view for long. The article is entitled The Pentagon Has a Big Plan to Solve Identity Verification in Two Years, and here is a portion of it: The Defense Department is funding a project that officials say could revolutionize the way companies, federal agencies and the military itself verify that people are who they say they are …

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Who Wants War with Iran — and Why?

By Patrick J. Buchanan In the run-up to Christmas, President Donald Trump has been the beneficiary of some surprisingly good news and glad tidings. Sunday, Vladimir Putin called to thank him and the CIA for providing Russia critical information that helped abort an ISIS plot to massacre visitors to Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Monday found polls showing Trump at his highest in months. Stocks soared 200 points at the opening bell in anticipation of pre-Christmas passage of the Republican tax bill. The Dow has added a record 5,000 points …

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Ezekiel 2:6 Be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks YOLLICK STORY DRAWS WELL DESERVED ATTENTION MEANWHILE COURIER GENERATES ANOTHER IRRELEVANT PUFF PIECE METTS NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO SHOULD STEP DOWN Fox 26 has has finally broken the simmering story of the sexual harassment in Montgomery County to the  greater Houston audience. The case involving Justice of the Peace James Metts and a female employee and the  subsequent hush money settlement approved by commissioners court has been dished out in long hand by   Eric “Bulldog” …


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