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May 21, 2018

I’m hearing that 2010 Woodlands Road Utility District (RUD) Case voter Jim Jenkins has ditched his pursuit of proving his innocence in court by entering a NO Contest Plea to a misdemeanor in the case. This action has yielded Jenkins, who vowed to never give up, one year probation and a $2k fine.

Jim Jenkins stand in front of residence of Fellow RUD voter Power Billionaire Dirk Laukien

Jenkins best friend Jim Doyle advised his late wife Sybil and their daughter Roberta on the legality of voting in the developer controlled RUD and they bravely faced up to the false charges to the end. Sybil Doyle sadly succumbed to cancer and remains a felon in the eyes of the crooked court, a fate that Jenkins has avoided.

The plea not withstanding, The corruption of the at the time Greg Abbott run AG’s office is an indictment on the blindness of many Texans who still blindly adore Abbott as “one of their own. They seem oblivious to the fact that while 12 voted in the 2010 election only 7 were indicted. In one case a simple phone call by an attorney representing two of the voters was all that was necessary to call of Abbott’s demented prosecutors.

Now that’s what I call justice Texas Style.

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