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Why “Cultural Marxism” Isn’t Marxist, and Why Anti-Communism Is Impotent in Dealing With It

This is the most cogent, best-researched lecture I have heard that provides the background to today's "woke culture." It is not Marxist. It is intensely anti-Marxist. It is committed to a total revolution against today's civilization -- not in the name of scientific Marxism, but rather in terms of literally dozens of supposedly oppressed groups. It is overwhelmingly anti-white. It is racist to the core. -


Is the Kingdom of God a present reality or something future?

What will the world be like before the second coming?

Will the church fulfill the task commissioned by Christ?

Will the nations be discipled?

These are some of the questions we explore in this documentary.

The End Game of Humanistic Law

Biblical law requires restitution and restoration. Humanistic law begins by seeking the reformation of man by law. In reformatory legislation, the law-breaker is the goal of controls. The next step in humanistic law is regulatory legislation. Regulations seek to control all men to make crime impossible, or nearly so.