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Eric Yollick of The Golden Hammer, The “Attorney,”has some explaining to do. And why this picture of a balloon?

Just ten days a go, August 19, Montgomery County Tea Party hosted Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Kevin Patrick Yeary who addressed the group.

Yollick gave advance notice of Yeary’s address in Montgomery County’s Leading Newspaper in Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Kevin Yeary, the “good guy,” has some explaining to do.

In it Yollick gave a summary of the case this writer was unjustly imprisoned for ~ State of Texas versus Adrian Heath. The point being that Yeary should be challenged for refusing to review the case.

The prospect of this high Judge being held accountable by a formidable speaker and writer who was involved in the case from its inception in public ignites enthusiasm.

But for some reason when the opportunity came Yollick was mute on the matter.

Like clouds and wind without rain is a man who boasts of a gift he does not give.
Proverb 25:14

But then at the foot of “Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Kevin Yeary, the “good guy,” has some explaining to do” we read, ~ It’s arguable whether Heath acted properly.

Image taken August 26,2019 courtesy Jim Jenkins of Welcome Home gift presented to Jenkins by Yollick on may 7th 2010

Explain this

So Why did Yollick do some things

  • Create expectation of penetrating questioning from an expert and then not follow though?
  • In the 2010 election contest decided not to present our case but instead rested after Stilwell and the RUD present theirs.
  • Dismissed the case law and election law opinions all 10 voters based their actions on saying his wife’s opinion was worth more.
  • Admonished the voters to foolishly pose for pictures with family and newspapers etc and so stay for extended days after the vote.
  • If arguable whether Heath & the 9 other voters acted properly why take the case.
  • Assure his long time friend Jenkins his planned actions were sound in law before the election.

Most of all, If it was debatable whether Heath and the others acted properly, then why on the eve of the vote, where all ten assembled at the Residence Inn did Yollick join us to congratulate our actions and present the “Welcome Home” gift (actual picture above) to Jenkins?

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