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Yollick’s attempts to gain position and willingness curry favor know no bounds. Watch him turn inside out.

Montgomery County, 10/7/2019

There seem to be no bounds to the level of equivocation to which Eric Yollick will descend in his mission to make Montgomery County Courthouse Great Again.

Yollick is tipped to be vying for election or appointment to the bench of the newly minted 457th Judicial District Court if either of those outcomes are possible.

If true, this explains Yollick’s not so surprising charade of bidding farewell to his role as editor of Golden Hammer “MontgomeryCounty’sLeadingNewspaperthis past September 13th

At September 5th commissioners court Yollick went so far as to report his own self serving turnaround from reliable Butt Kicker as Chief Butt Kisser of Montgomery County ( to those that matter) where he went to great lengths to set a new low as apple polisher and brown-noser to the elites.

Yollick began “The reason I’m here today is I want to thank the five of you and Ms. Carter and Mr. Pandey for the Budget. ” he continued “even though you’re only about 20% of our tax bill, or even less than that, it’s like 17%, the reality is that y’all are the people we look to for leadership. ” This of course was a direct reversal to his normal critical assessment of all things Commissioners Court. you can read it here.

So full of guff was Yollick that day, anyone with a brain would know there had to be an ulterior motive, He closed his indulgent farce with

“I truly want to thank the five of you, Commissioner Metts, Commissioner Noack, Judge Keough, Commissioner Riley, and Commissioner Meador, Ms. Carter [Amanda Carter, the Budget Director], and Mr. Pandey [County Auditor Rakesh Pandey], even though he’s missing all of his hair right now, I want to thank all of you for your work on this Budget truly. It has shown great leadership.” “You’re moving us across the Kahiltna Glacier up towards Mount Denali’s summit.

Suddenly we were all treated to another dose of BREAKING NEWS , in which gun wielding Kelli Cooke was reported to have terminated Yollick. Kelli is quoted ..

“We appreciate Eric’s service as Publisher, but he’s become a little soft in his reporting and editorial direction. Our readers expect The Golden Hammer to be more hard hitting as a leading voice for conservatives fighting for greater freedom and liberty from government spending, taxation, and regulation.”

So far its all a great game, but its pitiful to watch the lengths Yollick will go to to pave his way to the Courthouse.

Back in May 2018, in yet another BREAKING NEWS Yollick neatly denounced Noacks move to hire Andy Dubois as his public relations lackey, he wrote.. “Dubois has no experience in road and bridge operations. He is currently the Executive Editor for Montgomery County newspapers in the Hearst Newspaper chain, which purchased the publications from Houston Community Newspapers. Previously, Dubois served as Editor in Chief, Managing Editor, and City Editor for the publication which was previously known as The Conroe Courier. “

Yollick wryly opined “Apparently, a new formula has arisen for elected servants to use taxpayer resources to hire individuals to promote their political career. Clearly, Doyal did that. JP James Metts did that with his hire of Jamie Nash as a public relations person on the taxpayers’ dole. No other County Commissioner, however, has any employee whose primary function appears to be public relations. “

Then May 30,2019 Yollick sceptically reported on what he warned was the “Predictable Collapse of Monarchy” thus “On May 14, 2019, Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack seemed to complete his secret goal of hiring former Courier blog editor Andy Dubois as a full-time public relations consultant on his County government staff. Originally, after the rest of the Commissioners Court discovered they had voted to hire Dubois as a County government employee, Noack responded by explaining that Dubois was merely coming to work as a low-paid Operator III who would learn how to repairs roads and bridges and then move into the position of then-leaving Matthew Beasley who had managed Noack’s road and bridge operations before his election as Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace. On May 14, in another secret action on the so-called “consent agenda,” the Commissioners Court gave Dubois a promotion to “Manager of Precinct Projects” and gave the former news blog editor a raise to $103,745.46, plus approximately County government employee benefits of $41,809.42, for total taxpayer-funded compensation of $145,554.88. Why isn’t Noack himself the “manager of Precinct projects”?

Well whether Yollick has gone soft as he dictated Sept 13th to Kelli Cooke or mutated in some other way is hard to read, but its a sad orchestration to watch when he can persuade someone I love and respect switch tracks for someones political gain.

This morning, In what looks like regular Yollick scribbling we are now asked to swallow his latest switcheroo, namely that “The Golden Hammer endorses Andy Dubois for The Woodlands Township Position 7” and the transformation has spilled all over Dubois too ~ “Dubois has the intelligence, wit, background, and access to information which will be enormously beneficial to the citizens of the Woodlands as the data becomes public for citizens to consider when they go to vote on whether or not The Woodlands should become a city. In short, Dubois’ independence from the current Board majority is a real plus. “

Wow. I guess Yollick wants quid pro quo, seemingly the guy that was, the tax feeding insider, Leadership Montgomery County crony and establishment sycophant is no more. Andy Dubois is now the Townships last best hope for limited government reform.

This is so like Yollick, and reminiscent of his last Jekyl Hide performance of 2016 during his courthouse bid saying “Our campaign is disappointed in the manner in which the Tea Party vetting committee, a small group of 8 blithering idiots, acted in evaluating the experience of candidates,” said Yollick. “It is unfortunate when special interest groups conducting hidden lobbying campaigns, half-truths, inaccuracies and hidden agendas are allowed to influence the political process.”

2016 Yollick worked to expose waste in the Courts, 2018-19 Yollick has been solicitous to the Court/Prosecutor/Law Enforcement set, his third rail. Where advocating cut backs and exposing nepotism and more was fine across the county his third rail has been deftly avoided in his charade parade. Well its encore time for Yollick, whether he’s gone soft or not you decide, but his message is clear, you are all blithering idiots.

Adrian Heath

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    Wrong. Try again.

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