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Laukien’s Noisy Tenant

Was Billionaire Businessman Driven from His Official Residence by his own Noisy Tenant?

Dirk Laukien is  Noise Complainant Groups Closest Neighbor

Villager Editor Jeff Forward reported thatmore than a dozen” Woodlands residents voiced complaints with The Woodlands Township Development Standards Committee of “nearly 24-hour excessively loud noises from a series of large HVAC units” installed at the property located at 2600 Technology Forest Drive.

The property, located south of Research Forest Drive and East of New Trails Drive lies a mere 700 feet from the Woodlands Township offices. The complaints describe “incessant and annoying machinery noise began in fall of 2018”.

The noise victims in question all own primary residences with 100% homestead exemptions on Gentry Oak Ct and Crested Pines Ct  within a radius of roughly 500 feet just over the back fence of the offending property at 2600 Technology Forest Dr.


The Complainants in this story would probably be surprised to hear details of the landlord behind them.

They are up against their very own residential neighbor that as Innospec’s landlord owns practically the whole street on both sides from New Trails down and is one of the most influential business men in the county.

Dirk Laukien’s claims to fame in their very neighborhood include, having his street renamed01, where our Senator is his Tenant 02 , Selling a Building to the future City of The Woodlands with Deed Restriction against a City Court House or Jail 03, Obtaining generous Tax Abatements on his Technology Forest 04 real estate 05 , convinced county government to extend our airport runway for his FBO business 06 , persuaded the DSC standards committee to deed him the unique privilege of building a 13,706 SQ FT Mansion 07 in the commercial Research Forest area 08, which is designated as his Primary residence for Homestead 09 Tax purposes and voting 10 purposes.

So how come the other official  homestead residents 11 within , say 500 feet of Innospec are forced to run to the DSC for help? Does it mean Dirk and wife Katie Laukien were driven from their home and hearth, since their front door is a mere 50 feet across the driveway from the Innospec? Is it possible thanks to the noisy Chiller System that the Laukiens’ fled leaving his closest neighbors to fend for themselves rather than stand and fight?  All this speculation is contrary to available public records. I don’t know.

Let’s hope the poor Laukien neighbors can get some answers 12 and a definitive solution from the Landlord himself, Dirk Laukien 13.

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