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City of Montgomery has released their employee salaries for 2015  via Texas Public Information Act request.

Response time : TPIA request sent 02:27 PM Sept 11th. Response received 05:42 PM  Sept 16th.

Download excel file here

Name Payroll Item Class Amount Annualized
Yates, Jack R Salary City Administrator 87,000.00 87,000.00
Napolitano, James F Salary Police Chief 81,200.00 81,200.00
Belmares, Jose N. Salary Police Lieutenant 61,880.00 61,880.00
Lehn, Rebecca L. Salary Court Administrator/Sgt. 53,040.00 53,040.00
Hensley, Susan L Salary City Secretary 51,000.00 51,000.00
Rosario III, Miguel A. Salary Police Sergeant 50,440.00 50,440.00
Muckleroy, Micha D. Salary Public Works Foreman 49,920.00 49,920.00
Hernandez, George J. HOURLY Police Officer 23.00 47,840.00
Bauer, Timothy M HOURLY Police Officer 22.00 45,760.00
Bracht, James C. HOURLY Police Officer 22.00 45,760.00
Carswell, Christopher M HOURLY Police Officer 22.00 45,760.00
Flores, Angelina C. HOURLY Police Officer 22.00 45,760.00
Holley-Snell, Charity D HOURLY Police Officer 22.00 45,760.00
Standifer, Eric L. HOURLY Maintenance Tech II 20.10 41,808.00
Weikel, Clayton H. HOURLY Police Officer 20.00 41,600.00
Raica, Carol D HOURLY Administrative Asst. 18.00 37,440.00
Rosendo, Jose A HOURLY Maintenance 17.48 36,358.40
Gonzalez, Krystal HOURLY Court Clerk 16.00 33,280.00
Slaughter, Ashley A. HOURLY Water/Sewer Billing Clerk 15.75 32,760.00
Duckett, Kimberly HOURLY Court Clerk 15.50 32,240.00
Bickford, Dana N HOURLY Doucent 10.00 20,800.00
Daspit, Laurence F HOURLY Doucent 10.00 20,800.00


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