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Unknown? party publishes minimalist website.

A  skimpy website built and published at bearing the introductory heading “A TALE OF TWO PARKERS” and  “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” has emerged  as an early punctuation mark in the upcoming commissioners court election races. Gregory Parker is currently seeking election as Montgomery County Commissioner Precinct #2 and is a former Comal County Commissioner, author and according to the IMDB database a  writer and actor. While is anonymous icann records reveal a very recent Nov 7, 2017 registration date via domain and hosting giant Godaddy of Scotsdale AZ.

Parker Comments

Parker responded by telephone today regarding the site.

“I have never heard of or seen this site until now. I have no knowledge who is behind it but I want to find out.” Parker also stated the perception made by the articles lacked context. Particularly in the case of the 6% pay raise  highlighted in one article.  Parker asserts that in that case only employees were included in the pay increase and not elected officials, “I want to go on the record for that” he said.

The increase was focused on law enforcement because, according to Parker Comal County was losing deputies to higher paying departments.

Parker pointed out that the ethics complaints were pushed by his opponents, one wonders if the same is true in the case of

The Yellow Highlighter

The content of the site consists of  .pdf formatted copies of news articles now behind a Hearst paywall, evidently purchased from the San Antonio Express  or New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung Archives. The articles concern questions regarding campaign finance and ethics complaints and even an Texas Attorney Generals related to Parker.

As a service to the public the anonymous author conveniently highlighted relevant Parker related quotes so they stand out in bright yellow contract to the page.

The intent of the site is clearly casing light and questions on Parker’s ethics and potential hypocrisy.

Interestingly, the author of the site asserts “POLITICAL ADVERTISING DISCLAIMER NOT NECESSARY. LESS THAN $500 WAS SPENT. ” an indication that potential campaign finance liabilities are of a concern to the author.

Big Clue

A curious fact related to the yellow highlighting found on the anonymously posted pdf documents is that when using the highlighting feature found in adobe acrobat and other similar applications is that AUTHOR meta information is left behind.

County Citizen found  with a simple mouse hover bdawson as the author of highlighting in each  pdf documents downloaded from

Commissioner Precinct #2

There are at least two candidates competing for election to Montgomery County Commissioner Precinct #2 next year. Gregory Parker is facing long time county resident , business man Brian Dawson Is political opponent Brian Dawson the same bdawson who evidently highlighted the comments on documents at and possibly the publisher of the site itself? That would seem to offer a world of of questions about ethics and campaign spending all its own if that turns out to be true.

Particularly troubling in face of the disclaimer on the site regarding  campaign spend.

We want to know if Brian Dawson has any knowledge of . The Dawson campaign did not respond to questions via email prior to publication.


  1. Ritzy Fletcher Ritzy Fletcher November 17, 2017

    Rhonda Clifford I find your comments reckless, you do not have ANY proof Brian did this, what if I said doesn’t surprise me one bit Rhonda is “blank blank” what if I made an accusation about you in Public without any proof??
    its happened to us quite a bit here in Shenadoah. Accusing someone with out proof is slander and you could be sued. I think you should be careful and tread lightly, it’s very frustrating when people say things behind a computer screen, if you feel Brian Is in the wrong , it would be best to speak to him face to face not behind the safe zone of a computer screen.

  2. Rhonda Clifford Rhonda Clifford November 16, 2017

    This doesn’t surprise me a bit. Brian Dawson helped Charley Riley and Craig Doyle win their last election by misleading people. He created a “fake tea party'” group in Montgomery county so they could disperse their political advertisements claiming to be conservative Republicans. Brian is not above deceit. It’s obvious that Brian Dawson is behind the fake information on the fake website. Aren’t there laws against this. This kind of thing can be traced to whoever created it. So now this should prove that Brian Dawson has nothing of substance to stand on against Gregory Parker who is running on his own record of doing a good job as a commissioner. When a candidate, such as Brian, doesn’t have the background or experience as the other candidate then they sling mud to try to make their opponents look bad to deflect their anyone from looking at the mud slinger’s incompetence. I HATE dirty politics. Brian needs to drop out of the race

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