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There are significant differences in principle that led numerous people to  reject Julie Turners Patriot PAC and form their own Montgomery County Tea Party, among them Seat at the table politics and Julie PAC’s  legendary  and unprincipled PATH TO VICTORY standard of deciding which winner to back.

Another measure ignored by most is the DONOR influence factor. The result of taking cash from special interests is elementary; The recipient just becomes a lapdog to such financial power and will only pander to them and certainly never ever say anything contrary to their interests. One 2014 case was a great example , County Citizen called for the Julie PAC to disgorge itself of a donation from a tax feeding corporation that had just been fined over $10 million by the AG and ordered  to make $18 M in restitution to customers for diluting fuel. The reply? “We see no problem accepting funds from this group.”

At hand we have the Montgomery County Tea Party who has made fast friends with yet another with a person directly involved in the infamous criminal RENT-A-VOTER scheme favored by Texas Republican elite.  Complaints of RENT-A-VOTER  whistle blowers from Montgomery County  who are also members of MCTP have been taken seriously by the Texas Secretary of State who told AG Paxton the RENT-A-VOTER evidence warrants criminal investigation.  The July 2017 complaint remains ignored and is gathering dust in the office of Ken Paxton , himself an enabler of RENT-A-VOTERS.

That’s Good

Since a number of friends and associates of the MCTP have been unjustly  &  falsely accused and made  either to confess to crimes they did not commit or be made felons and imprisoned, the MCTP wrote letter to AG Ken Paxton denouncing the prosecutions and the RENT-A-VOTER industry.

Another MCTP member wrote Rent-A-Voters Pass Millions in Debt While Tea Party Activists Face Prison

That’s Bad

We can’t help be confused, to learn that MCTP is now a recipient of significant funds from  one of the RENT-A-VOTER players, specifically Michael Stoecker , CEO of Stoecker Corporation, a Real Estate Development and Investment company out of Conroe, Texas and one of the 3 RENT-A-VOTER recruiters reported widely leading up to the November 2015 elections in Conroe. Stoecker gave and MCTP accepted $5000.00.

And it not the first time for MCTP. Some time ago County Citizen complained to MCTP for accepting funds from the original RENT-A-VOTER of the Woodlands Road Utility District #1Randy Councill , the very district for which some  members were ruined  for exposing  their crooked practices.  At that time MCTP had accepted funds from Randy Council who shall forever be recognized for voting in debt and taxes for unknown future taxpayers that he and he wife knew they would never have to pay as we reported  in January 2017.

Then and now the story goes they just did not know who the people were or their background. But that excuse very hard to accept.

MCTP has built a highly creditable reputation developing a candidate vetting procedure that is now part of the political landscape in Montgomery County. It’s value for voters decision making outstrips the  me-to voter guides in importance and utility where  people can view the videotaped candidate  interviews and synopsis of the candidate and make their own decision.

With all the trouble they go to vetting these candidates MCTP will do well to focus some energy on donors. One source close to the MCTP, desiring anonymity has disclosed that the background research on candidates is almost solely the work of one person, i.e. John Wertz one of the original members of MCTP. Wertz, it is said is left to complete most of the crucial background research alone, hence, he is stretched to the limit for time spend on the project.  Maybe it’s a good time for MCTP to share the workload among their vetting committee who apparently enjoy appearing on the vetting committee list and participating in the direct questioning during videotaping but do little else.

Perhaps that would avoid future similar situations if that would be of any importance to MCTP now they are accepting RENT-A-VOTER money.


If MCTP are serious about the complaint they sent to Paxton on the subject they should not be surprised at his refusal to even acknowledge its  receipt and moreover to discount it altogether when they take money from one of the very group they are calling to be investigated.

If MCTP is serious about prosecution of RENT-A-VOTERs the need to publicly clarify this to all including Mike Stoecker.

If MCTP is serious about prosecution of RENT-A-VOTERs they need to actually apply pressure on Ken Paxton for innaction rather than coddle him for his activities in other parts of Texas.

Most of all, VET YOUR DONORS.

MCTP still has the memory of the late Cybil Doyle who valiantly refused to  confess to the barbarous  false charges brought against her by the swine Greg Abbott.  I hope they will do something to rectify this situation.


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