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Performance Pay Program — Executive Management Team
The Township has a performance bonus plan for the ten senior staff members that make up the
Executive Management Team. This plan is based on performance and is administered by the
President / General Manager. Specifically, this performance bonus plan Includes Monique
, John Powers, Nick Wolda, Robin Cross, Susan Welbes, Karen Dempsey, Todd Stephens,
the Fire Chief and the Executive Assistants 1 2 3 4 5 in the General Manager’s Office.

The bonus payments are provided annually based on performance and do not become part of
the employee’s base pay. The bonus payments may vary by individual performance but the
total amount granted does not exceed 5.75% of the base pay (bonus pool) of all executive
management team members. The President / General Manager is considered separately by the
Board and is not part of this system.

The performance bonus plan is administered by the President / General Manager, provided the
approved amounts are within budget and in accordance with The Woodlands Township
Personnel Policy Section 4.09, Discretionary Incentive Pay Adjustment. This policy states,
“Incentive pay adjustments for employees to encourage superior performance may be made at
any time during the fiscal year, and such amounts as are authorized may be paid as a lump sum
or as directed by the President/General Manager.”

These ten individuals are expected to be available as needed for Board and Committee
meetings and do whatever is necessary to assure the effective delivery of services through the
various operating divisions. All of these individuals routinely work extra hours, evening or
weekends, as part of their assignment and do not receive additional compensation or
compensatory time off for this extra work.

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