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  • Historic MUD bond approval

  • Governmental Immunity waived




New RENT-A-VOTER firm emerges

Remember the November 2015 election. When it was reported that Montgomery County was host to just 2 MUD elections, newly formed Conroe Municipal management District No. 1 and Montgomery County MUD No. 148  where directors were to be confirmed along with a whopping  $1 Billion dollars in bonds to be approved by only 4 voters?

The voters were “recruited” like mail order brides using craigslist and other methods by a single Election Services company, Stingray Services.  Stingray seems to have gone underground with their election service lately, but their now defunct website once boasted to have coordinated and recruited voters for more than 100 elections over ten years for a lengthy list of developers.  Subsequently, we confirmed that they were not exaggerating when Texas Secretary of State provide a list of 123  Stingray voters  from 18 counties.

$2 Billion Dollars & Thomas Jefferson

Just when you thought you had seen all RENT-A-VOTER had to offer now comes the law firm belonging to the Thomas Jefferson of The Woodlands Schwartz, Page, Harding in cooperation with obscure developer 1488 Corp  and RENT-A-VOTER fixer Baja Interests.

15815 FM 1488, Magnolia Texas.
15815 FM 1488, Magnolia Texas.

In Magnolia, Texas the three firms are central players in May 7, 2016 Election that completed the formation of three new contiguous or

overlapping Special Purpose districts, Montgomery County MUD 131 south of FM 1488, Montgomery County MUD 130 north of FM 1488 and overlapping Montgomery County WCID #4 all voted in on the same day by a family of RENT-A-VOTERS.  Those voters approved bonds in amounts that would make ordinary voters choke. beginning with  a mere $572,000.00 for MUD 130, then moving to $729,000,000.00 for WCID #4 and topped of with a monumental $1,330,000,000.00 for a GRAND TOTAL of  $2.06 Billion Dollars

Temporary Family Affair

ANY ONE HOME? Former site of MUD 130 "Voter Home"
ANY ONE HOME? 16120 FM 1488,Former site of MUD 130 “Voter Home”

The best way to say temporary is by way of a direct quote from Election Services provider Baja Interests who wrote over the top of a “Voter Home layout Sketch” included with the permit application for the MUD 130  voter “home”

Voter Home To Be Onsite For Residency & Removed After 5/7/16 Successful Election Completion & Lease.”

Apparently a family, the Thibideaus’ were available to assist 1488 Corp by using a team approach where Mom and Dad took care of all the voting on the south side of FM 1488 while  Son and partner  managed the north side of FM 1488 and MUD 130. The WCID was perhaps a joint effort.

Who Needs Immunity?

According to the Texas Bar the doctrine of governmental immunity at the State level prohibits
suits against a governmental entity unless there has been a clear and unambiguous constitutional or
statutory waiver of that immunity.
That legal doctrine does not seem to faze all 15 of 1488 Corps’ hand picked  directors for MUD 130, 131 and WCID #4 since in an unprecedented act of generosity the directors appear to have agreed to waive their governmental immunity to the benefit of 1488 Corp for twenty five years in Section 3.11. ( pg. 16) of the official reimbursement agreements executed  months prior to directors confirmation by (RENT-A-) voters May 7, 2016.
What a sweet deal. We expect all county and city government vendors from Jasper to Muleshoe Texas would like that clause in their contracts.

Complaint?, What Complaint?

Several concerned citizens have filed official complaints with County Attorney J D Lambright and the FBI over the apparent violations of Texas bribery statute that forbids offering anything of value, like for example free rent in exchange for a persons vote and one federal law that prohibits expenditures such as for “Voter Houses” in influence of an election.

So far Lambrights’ office has declined to investigate citing an alleged agreement with the DAs’ office not to investigate crimes by adults.

When asked for a copy of the agreement in question we received the following reply from his office.

“We have received your request. The switch over occurred some 15 or so years ago about the time my predecessor took office in 2000. There should be documents reflecting this change. “

No word yet from FBI Special Agent in Charge, Perrye Turner.

Any Montgomery County registered voter or taxpayer willing to join the complaint are invited to contact us here at

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